Thursday, 11 April 2013

Easter Equinox - Easter Faux Pas Story Encounter

Last week Krags hosted the bi-monthly co-op event we run in conjunction with Outpost South, which we have dubbed Faux Pas.

This month was our turn, and as it was Easter, our Henchman ran a special Easter story encounter, which I have to admit isn't an original encounter, more something he borrowed and used. Nonetheless it was great fun and so I thought I'd republish it here and show you what make it so entertaining:

You can read the full details of the encounter if you click on the image above.

The basic premise is that your soulstone cache and 10 choccy counters are up for grabs, the winner is the player with the most choccies and soulstones remaining at the end of the night. All you have to do is run your game strategy around collecting and minimising your use of soulstones.

A simple plan that isn't that easy to achieve. You see I think there are a few factors that are playing away in the background to make your choccy hoard simply melt away, namely:

But he's got more than me, that can't be fair can it?
It starts before even the first card is flipped, you've chosen your crew and then you realise your opponent has a larger soulstone cache. Playing Seamus I started with a humble two cache, playing Raspy my opponent started with five. Normally you know raspy is going to use some of those as the game unfolds, but as I explained earlier your natural tendency here should be to hoard. Therefore it can't possibly be fair that your opponent starts with double, or is it?

Carrying chocs is a significant task...
So picking up chocolate is a task for a significant model. I ran out canine remains and then had to wait for a second dog in the pack to get near it before I could pickup a counter. When one of my hunting pack got chocolate, I was loathe to send it running up the board with its mates, as it would have slowed the pack and risked that choccy, but at the same time, I needed the number to claim significant. In the end I played two different strategies, where it was safe, the encumbered dog followed on behind to give the scouting dog significant, and when it wasn't safe I simply traded it up for a belle using Seamus's hand canon and arise abilities.

Even so, picking up that counter takes an action so you have to work out the optimum way get into contact and get that choccy.

Don't just stand there...
As I eluded to in my last point, timing and movement are everything. Like any objective grabbing activity in Malifaux, you want to side up, grab that choc and then of course your activation is over. Next turn you've got a choice, either than choc laddened minion carries on and fights the good fight, or you run, or my case, shamble off for the hills.

If I push you, you might just drop that precious load...
There's nothing worse than getting your hands on an objective and someone pull s a push schinanigan on you. You've probably spent the entire last activation just getting your mits on that choccy, you done your stint in the open and your about to make for the hills when your opponent pushes you about, and in doing so that delicate morsel goes clattering into the gutter for any rogue to pickup. Keep an eye out for such trickery and remain vigilant.

It's chocolate and I'm hungry...
It calls to you on a subconscious level, promising sugary goodness and a brief moment of ecstasy. All you need to do is resist, but as some famous evil type once put it - resistance is futile.

And if it isn't calling to you, then its likely calling to your minions. Remember they're not immune and those low cards can and will come up at the most inopportune of times!s

Those are the chocolates your looking for
Lastly there's the mind games that your opponent might just try on you (because I'm guilty of trying....). You're in the middle of a duel, your crunching the math, you've come up one short of moderate damage and its such a shame because your on your last AP, and you only needed moderate damage to end this plucky minion. Your opponent reminds you you could always burn a stone, afterall only the joker is going to stop you ending my minion. And you're tempted....

This is when you should look into that smiling face and ask yourself, what's he up to? You see I worked out early on to keep an eye on my opponents pool:
- Your opponent wants you eating your pool because ultimately
those soulstones count to the victory conditions
- your opponent might be holding a choccy counter and that in
conjunction with a slow to die action gives that minion a healing flip
(see story encounter rules), which can't be good, sure they've
traded that choccy but they're still standing and who knows what
they have planned....

And there you have it, Malifaux with chocolate, what more could you possibly want.....

I should also put out a big shout out to Mr Fantasy who put together two stunning boards for the event...

Ten Thunders Hideout
The Ten Thunders have infiltrated all factions in Malifaux and the Bayou is no exception. With the infiltration and their work in the shadows complete, the Ten Thunders have turned their sights to a more permanent lair. Can this organisation tame the bayou or will the bayou be reclaimed by its denizens?

We discovered early on that the five structures on the bayou board were solar lights, which John and Justin ended up using as a form of turn counter. The light goes out, that's a turn down. It was quite cool to see the lights of this camp blink out one by one as the two Neverborn crews fought over the spoils.

Mr Magpies Circus
Mr Magpie has come to Malifaux bringing his troop of performers and misfits. To the common folk its is a wanted distraction from the drugery of their lives. To the unseen masters it is either an opportunity to hire the skills of some truly unique mercenarys or it is unwelcome competition.

Here's a link to Mr Fantasy's blog - Fire Water Portal, where you can find WIP and full pictures of these excellent tables.


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