Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cancon or Bust - Malifaux Tournament Report Part 1

I've been a little remiss of this blog recently, or it feels that way. The reason, as regular readers will know, is because I've frantically been getting ready for the big one - Cancon 2013.

Tomorrow morning with the dogs in the kennels and the misses in tow, I'm off to one of the biggest tournaments in the Australian calendar. Whilst most will be duking it out over the traditional 40k and Fantasy boards and still others place down military units with a precision that would make a historian beam with pride, a small group, an elite group, a group of enlightened souls, will be taking Malifaux to the extreme. Or at least that is the plan.

There's two flights and 3,800 kilometers to cover tomorrow, which naturally means an obscenely early start and that I best get an early night on Friday if I want to stand any chance of making it through four 30ss games on Saturday! Then after watching the fireworks over the bay to celebrate Australia Day, I'm doing it all again on Sunday in a 50ss Brawl and two 35ss games, each using one of the two masters we had to take into the brawl. It's going to exciting and nerve racking in double measures.

So what am I hoping for? Well in short no podium finish for me. I've seen the opposition and I'm under no doubt that there are some world class players in our humble group of 20. I'm not looking for best painted either since I go on record at every tournament saying that because I've had my crews commission painted I do not want them to be judged. So what goals could I set myself? Well after my first outing got me a resounding last place but got me best sportsman, I really want two things, not to come last and to try and to make every game as enjoyable as my first forays into this system.

How I do and how it all turns out I'll make the topic of subsequent posts, which hopefully will be finding their way onto the interweb from our nations capital, Canberra, in the days to come.

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