Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 2013 - My Malifaux Roundup

January 2013, my birthday month and also one of the hottest months of the Australian summer. It's usually hot and sultry all month, which can seriously hinder your painting time and does tend to drain you. No matter what's going on outside though, this Resurrectionist was busy inside preparing for the onslaught of games that awaited me this month.

So how did my goal setting go this month, well lets see:

Achievement - Unlocked - Lots of practice games
Lots of practice games came from the local Rolling Thunder league we had here in Perth. I decided at the last minute to swap out Seamus for Kirai and that had a massive effect on my league games. I had a lot to learn and I'm really liking her play style. I can't wait to get my commission painted crew back as the filler in crew is a bit limiting.

I also got games in care of Vassal and the worldwide league. Playing on vassal is an interesting experience but is a fantastic way to play if you don't have a regular group or you want to break out of your local meta. I've already gone up against a couple of crews I'd never normally play against and it's nice to get games in during those dead evenings during the week.

Lastly in the week proceeding Cancon I scored three practice games which resulted in three loses for me. Hardly surprising given the caliber of my opponents and that I'm still cutting my teeth with Kirai but it was still a bit of a dent to my ego.

Achievement - Unlocked - Don't come last at Cancon
Well as my last two posts will testify I didn't come last at Gencon. In the day 1 gaining grounds tourney I managed 14th out of 20 and on day 2 I managed a more disappointing 18th out 20. The caliber of players was very high and my hat is off to the winners who obviously play a lot of Malifaux! On the whole I'm happy with how I did but there's plenty of room for improvement.

Achievement - Unlocked - Finish Crystal Canyons game boards

Well as the pics will testify, the crystal canyons boards are now all but complete. There's a couple of little details I'll add to the campsite, I want to add a wagon, a campfire and maybe some crates. You'll be able to read more on how this came together in a post early in February.

And then there were the surprises that a month in Malifaux brings. Well the pile of shame didn't see a dent this month, instead Yan Lo and Lucas were added and I have my eye on some red translucent bases and some guild riflemen.

February promises to be a little different. I could be receiving my terrain from my first Kickstarter, so rather than go game crazy, next month I'll be throttling back a bit and getting another board started. This time it's an Arcanist focused board, that I'm super excited about, so keep tuned to this blog to see how that turns out.

I'll also be assembling Yan Lo and painting my first Malifaux mini - Izamu.

I'll also be receiving my painted Kirai crew, so lots to look forward to as more masters and minions become available.

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