Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Malifaux Terrain Board - Crystal Canyons

Well as I hinted at in my January roundup the Crystal Canyons boards are now complete. Below are some shots taken as a preview and some taken of all the boards I've prepared, taken at various times during our Faux Pas night.

It's intesting that when I previewed these boards several people came back with the honest feedback that the terrain was a little sparse and would favour ranged crews. The simple solution was to add an extra mesa to each table. You can see in the last photo that adding a third LOS blocker has made all the difference and although it was getting tempting to add a fourth or fifth, two factors stopped me. Firstly it was cost prohibitive adding another $70-80 dollars to a table. Secondly I've always believed that terrain looks best when there's an odd number of each component on the board. You tend to get less symmetrical shapes and players tend to think a bit more about placement.

The boards themselves are 3mm 3x3 sized topper boards. They can be that thin because they are laid on the clubs 4x4 boards. They were undercoated black and then heavily sprayed with brown before adding bursts of red, a desert yellow and a greyish colour. The bursts help to break up the flatness of the board, but still make it a simple job to repaint as they take wear and tear.

The crystals are from the gale force nine range and were black undercoated, liberally painted in imperial purple before highlights in layers of liche and warlock purples.

The mesas are also gale force nine terrain and only really had grass tufts applied, they come painted as you see them. I added the tufts to all pieces of terrain to give some synergy between the crystal formations and the badlands terrain.

The other pictures are of other boards I've delivered, the shady rest cemetery and settlement boards use a mixture of GW, Rendra and gales force nine terrain.

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  1. great work on the boards. we used them and they play well. that is four boards closer to maybe a tournament.