Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Three causes for celebration for this Aspiring Resurrectionist

That's right this week, with little fanfare, this blog celebrate 3 milestones...

50 posts!
2000 hits!
4 month anniversary!

That's a pretty big week and its incentivised me even more, now I just have to start winning some games and I'll really have something to really celebrate!

Looking forward though, I'm setting myself some objectives for this blog, as I don't want the content to become stagnant and I need to keep incentivised to deliver two-three posts per week.

So what can you expect, well I've laid the foundations, but you can expect:
- More battle and tournament reports because I'm playing on average twice a week and planning on attending at least three more tournaments this year
- More terrain building features as I've been bitten bad by that bug!
- More in the Mighty Minion and Loathesome Lackeys series, as I get to grips with what my crews and the other factions are capable of
- More in the photoshopping series, which is born out of the need to deal with so many duplicate sculpts - thank you Kirai!
- More in the promoting the game category, as our local scene needs a serious pick me up
- More news and reviews from the fringe, I want to get the message out about the things I'm finding that I think players could do with knowing
- More assembly guides, because let's face it, no instructions with Wyrd's plastics has got us all guessing
- More monthly round ups, more for me, as it keeps me going and ensures I have some targets. I'm all about targets (usually painted on my head during tourneys)
- More ultra combos, because let's face it, Ressers need help and if it works why not use it?

And some additions you can expect:
- Vassal review, tips and battle reports, my take on this evolving platform and my performance in the new world league
- Alternate sculpts ideas, as I seem to be finding a lot more of these recently
- A local scene guide, as I've had a couple of enquiries from those migrating to Australia, or just moving interstate
- Something from my regulars. Counterpoint articles on what my opponents think when building out their lists and combos against me.
- And whatever else I can dream up, or is suggested, so don't be shy. L et me know if there's something I'm missing or you'd like my take on.

And hopefully all of this will result in this blog hitting some targets by the end of its first year (again with the targets). I'd like to hit 120 posts, 5000 hits and 10 followers. Lets see how that all pans out when October 15th, the birthdate of this infamous blog, rolls round!

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