Monday, 18 February 2013

Malifaux Board for Beginners - Part 2 - Foundations Laid

This weekend after all the chores were out of the way, I finally got to start my new Malifaux boards. All I'm really doing is repurposing two old 40k boards but at the same time I want to add all of the embellishments that will open up the game to beginners.

The plan hasn't changed much since I outlined it last time, the only changes came from my very practical wife. Her advice was simple but is probably better understood when you've seen a few pictures so I'll save that for near the end of this article.

So a quick trip to Bunnings (Aussie DIY chain) and I had the majority of the bits I'd need for less than $30! I sat in store as they adeptly sliced up a 6x4" 6mm thick MDF panel, until I had all of the pieces I needed. Along with my boards I also picked up some plastic edging strip I intend to use to protect the board edges and some furniture pads to set the 3x3 on when its placed in the centre of the 4x4. The seating will slightly elevate the game board from the outer perimeter status and player surfaces, and allows me to make the game boards double sided. Now I just have to work out what my four boards are going to be!

Pictured below are a couple of early WIP shots. My old 4x4 urban board will be repainted black and the furniture pads inset for the 3x3 to sit on. The bare wood on top is the 6" player and status surfaces. These need a little planing down to fit snugly to the outer edge, whilst comfortably housing the 3x3 game board. I'll only fit these once I've painted them up.

Then there's the game boards, which I'm edging to protect from splitting, using 4.5mm plastic protective strip. I've used some PVA glue to lock it into place, but may need to tack down if that doesn't prove sufficient.

And board 1 all edged and ready to go...

But then comes the sage advice of the misses, who, ever the voice of reason (and caution where power tools and I are concerned), has always got one eye on my DIY projects.

Her advice:
I'll need to cut hand holds into the status boards to allow easy placement and removal of the inner gaming board.

I should consider some sort of handles or detachable shoulder strap to make carrying the full board easier, as its heavy to start with and is only going to get heavier with the player and status surfaces attached.

She's absolutely right of course and now I'm going to have to work out how to accommodate these things!

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