Saturday, 9 March 2013

Achievements Unlocked - Thunderstruck Tourny Part 1 - Prep

This weekend I'm taking part in a one day achievement orientated tournament called Thunderstruck.

Our local henchman has put together a sideline event, with a maximum of 12 players, where you win, not through winning games, but the deeds of your crew. It's a 60ss fixed faction pool, where a set list of achievements is provided and the winer will be the person with the most achievements at the end of the tourny. With only three games to play, getting the majority of these achievements is going to require combos to be taken and so looking at what's on the list, lets see what's possible.

I broadly categorised these into definites, requires some work and gonna be hard. I'm intending to take Seamus and Kirai as my masters and max out my pool with a mixture of minions that suit both. This will mean leaving some toys at home, but will give me a choice of masters and play styles.

So on to the achievements, which I reckon total to a maximum of 54 points.

Play a game against x faction (upto 3 points)
Well I know Neverborn, Arcanists and Guild will be representing and that I'm likely to be the only Resser, so I should see a minimum of two points from the three available

Play a game with a fully painted crew, painted master and minion (5 points)
That's five easy points, because even commission painted is going to count.

Accomplish breakthrough / end game with master in opponents deployment zone (2 points)
I know this is possible with Kirai and might be possible if I use the copycat killer or dead rider to swing Seamus over there but it will depend on the strategy

Take two unannounced schemes, win one unannounced scheme, randomly choose your schemes (3 points)
Should be possible but might sacrifice a win

Play a turn after the first without doing ranged damage (3 points)
Should be possible with Kirai, but definitely not going to happen if I have my usual Seamus list on the board.

Cheat red joker on damage (2 points)
Hey it should happen at least once, even with my cards.

Requires some work
Win a game (upto 3 points)
Well we all want to win games, but considering that wont net a tourny cup, I'd be happy to win one of the three games/points available here.

Accomplish a master or faction scheme (2 points)
Yeah I generally don't play these, so will require work

Allow your opponent to choose your crew (2 points)
Thinking about it, it shouldn't be to much of a disadvantage as ill be picking the 60ss pool of compatible models.

Play a turn, after turn 1, with you control hand face down/up (3 points)
Now that should be fun! Blind cheating I have to try this one but the open hands idea will also be interesting.

Gonna be hard
End the game with more models than you started with (1 point)
Gonna be hard (for Seamus or Kirai) unless I can convert an opponents crew

Kill an opponents leader with your leader (1 point)
Not my style and I only really see me doing this if I avatar.

Kill an opposing master with your totem (1 point)
Technically possible, providing I can keep it alive long enough and its a finisher on an already beaten up master

Select no schemes / win game without schemes (2 points)
This little combo is very tempting to take together but its going to require some really good plays. I can't see me taking this combo and I definitely don't see a win on the cards if I do.

Win a game with none of your models on the board (2 points)
I don't think I've ever done that but gaining grounds 2013 might change that.

Play a turn after the first without doing melee damage (3 points)
This will be hard with either of my crews, unless I hunker down for a turn.

End game with 4 cards of 2 or less, or 10 or more (2 points)
Well what can I say, that's all going to depend on the cards

Play a game with no duplicates in your crew (3)
Well for Kirai that's damn near impossible and I'm not sure how my Seamus crew will look under the 60ss cache.

So my prediction is I end up with 28-31 points but lets see.

Last night a couple our KRAGS regulars tried out some of the achievements in their game. They made me pick their crews and randomly select their schemes. They played a hand with it face down and were having so much fun blind cheating that they carried on that way all night! They even started adding sound effects and musical numbers for their crews!

I guess, at the end of the day, tourneys don't have to be competitive, this one is just going to be raw fun!

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