Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Alt Sculpts - Dead Rider, McMorning and Shikome

Kickstarter has become a new resource for me, mainly for the terrain options becoming available, but I also keep coming across sculpts that wouldn't look out of place in your crews.

First up this dead rider alt by Dark Hammer Miniatures, the first product of a relatively new start up, this is in the 3D modelling state at the moment, but come on, how good does this look...

Next up is a sculpt that I really like as a replacement McMorning. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of either of his Wyrd sculpts, and I could really see this being the one I get. Sadly he's only available on the Kickstarter as an upgrade at the moment but its only a matter of time before he's released openly as the kickstarters has funded.

Lastly comes this alt for a Shikome, and frankly if this had been available six weeks ago, I would have bought it.

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