Thursday, 7 March 2013

Faux Pas Club CoOp event 3 months in and Kirai realised

Last night our cooperative inter-club monthly event, dubbed Faux Pas, had its third outing. This event was created because there are pockets of Malifaux players dotted at the various clubs in Western Australia and the best way to mix up the local meta (and ensure you get games) is to get everyone in the same room. How do you do that when we are so dispersed? Well our answer has been to put on a schedule of events that moves between the clubs.

This schedule covers the many different and often overlooked aspects of Malifaux, last month being mysterious terrain and achievements.
This month was largely practice for the Thunderstruck Tourny being held here this weekend, which links achievements with the new gaining grounds 2013 strategies. Next month is Easter and as KRAGS (my local club) is hosting, we're planning a story encounter.

Three months in and its been good, we consistently get 8-10 people at these events and hopefully that number will rise. At the same time, I'm sat here puzzling over what more we can do to raise attendance. We continue to advertise in local outlets and on the local forums. We push hard in the run up to advertise and to ensure the regulars can attend and we try to have something different each time. All this is combined with the efforts of our henchmen, who is a very busy man. That said, I can't help feeling we've hit the glass ceiling. I know there are a lot more players out there, I just can't think how we can incentivise them to come to these events. Time will tell I suppose.

I think I can finally say I'm getting to grips with Kirai. I can now look at my hand and know what I'm going to need to focus on that turn.
- If I have crows then I'm evolving and summoning, or going for maul results in combat situations
- If I have masks then I'm moving minions around the board and I need to be looking to Datsu and Kirai to do this
- If I have rams then I'm healing things and again need to see what Datsu, Kirai and the Lost Love are up to.
- If I have tomes then I'm not doing a lot and I really need to card cycle with Kirai and bide my time, trying not to over extend myself.

All up, I'm happy that I've gone from the position in my first few games where I sat there saying 'I don't have the right suit' to 'ok I'm going to be focusing on this for the turn'.

I think the next objectives for me will be to try out avatar Kirai, to see how that changes my later game antics and to start looking at the time and place to use specific summoning strategies and when to use Jakume. Then it'll be on to looking at other spirits and seeing what they can add.

The other thing I need to do is work out is my summoning strategy dependant on who I'm facing. Last night I faced the Ortegas and I took a very risky strategy of sending off twin linked Shikome on one flank whilst Datsu and 3 Gaki went up the other. As someone who's just realised how important it is to keep Kirai near the fighting, this was not the strongest of strategies. It did work, but it could have gone horribly wrong at the same time.

(Two Shikome get the drop on a Death Marshall in last nights game)

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