Friday, 16 November 2012

Might Minion - Graveyard Spirit

Next up in the mighty minion series is the humble graveyard spirit totem. At a cost of a single soulstone, you'd be forgiven for thinking this little guy was just to be used as chaff, but the reality is he's one of the strongest supporting totems in the Resser arsenal and he's able to support any master.

- Cheapest Resser totem
- Not master aligned, so can be taken by any master
- 3 wound spirit
- Grants Armour 2 to linked model
- Whilst linked can't be directly targeted by ranged weapons or magic
- Respectable 5 wounds on a severe damage for his Chill Touch melee weapon
- Companion with Master
- 6" charge
- Reasonable WP 5
- Undead grants Seamus a control card and heals 2 wounds when killed (Necrotic Ministrations trigger on Seamus)
- Spirit grants Kirai a Seishin if killed within 8" of her ability Spirit Anchor or can be sacrificed using Absorb Spirit spell to gain two control cards, heal two wounds and gain fast.

- Low CB of 2, will mean you have to bolster with a high card to hit, probably cheating, you want charge if you can.
- Defence is 3
- He's a bullet magnet, your opponent will want him dead.

Play Style
A lot of people including me, have fallen into the belief that the Graveyard Spirit needs to be in base contact with the linked mini in order to grant the armour 2 benefit. This tends to affect how people play this totem, just shuffling it around, keeping the benefit until it inevitably dies.

A more careful inspection of his rules highlights that he grants armour 2 to the linked model and he doesn't have to be in contact to afford the benefit, he simply has to be in contact at the start of the closing phase.

Therefore there are some situations where companioning the spirit with a master and activating the totem first can be advantageous. Providing your intended target doesn't have any retaliatory attacks, the graveyard spirit could charge a weaker minion or soften up the target for a masters charge. The charge will grant the positive flips the spirit needs to hopefully get a severe damage off, then the master activates and walks or does his thing, and it'll push the spirit out of the combat and back into contact with the master. The trick is remembering to do it, because if they're not in contact at the end of the activation, the link is broken.

- Any Resser master for a bit of protection
- Most 6+SS minions and in particular Madame Sybelle for an ├╝ber minion

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