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Strategies Dissected - Treasure Hunt

Strategies dissected is my analysis on a particular strategy and which selections I use to optimise my chances. It's based on what I've tried, rather than any sort of web list analysis and isn't necessarily going to net you a win, the best I can suggest is you give it a try and see how it works out for you.

Treasure Hunt

The two points I think you really have to look at with this strategy are the differences in how this plays between the individual and shared versions, and the restrictions on movement it places on the mini once they pickup the treasure.

Between individual and shared modes the number of action points used to pick up that treasure goes from 1 to 2, meaning anything that doesn't have fast is going to spend two turns out in the open just trying to lay claim to that treasure (one activation getting into contact and another picking it up). As an individual scheme it's not nearly as bad because you can pick up that treasure in one turn and be off and walking in turn 2, or better if you can be moved into contact by a push or some other action.

To that end, my personal strategy relies on getting one thing with the 2 AP's remaining to the treasure in turn 1, so it can be picking it up and making its escape in turn 2. Better yet, if you can get a fast something into contact with its 3 aps then you can be making a beeline for you deployment zone in one activation, assuming there's no terrain in the way.

For me right now I have only two models with Fast in my Resser crew, Seamus and the Dead Rider. More on a combo with those two later, as its a riskier proposition, for now let's focus on Seamus and his companion ability.

On a 3x3 board with the treasure smack bang in the centre, your carrier has to cover 12" of terrain on foot before they're in contact.

Sybelle Slingshot
The Sybelle Slingshot, as I've heard it called, relies on a single activation using Seamus, Sybelle and a Rotten Belle. Sybelle is lined up on your deployment line, 6 inches in and directly in line with that treasure. A Belle should be placed directly next to her and Seamus should be setup within 6" of Sybelle. You'll also need a nine of masks or greater in your hand.

In your first activation you activate Sybelle and companion the Belle. Using Seamus's ability 'Belles of the Ball' to give Sybelle +2" walk, you then use both of her normal actions to walk into contact or within 3" of that treasure. For her zero action, now cast 'Call Belle', needing a nine of masks to cast. Now push the Belle into contact with the treasure.

Now Sybelle is done, activate the Belle and pick up that treasure and back up 4" if your on the individual version, or give your opponent some other targets by moving up your crew to support and protect that Belle in the shared version.

This in game shot was taken after my first activation in turn 1. The planned failed only because snowstorm retaliated slaughtering Sybelle and pinning my slingshot belle.

Dead Rider Two-Step
The approach requires Seamus and the Dead Rider and requires two activations and several low cards.

Seamus should be setup 6" in and directly opposite that treasure. The dead rider is setup up to 6" away from Seamus, but also 6" in, straddling that deployment zone.

Activate Dead Rider and use his 0 action to cast adjust purpose, you need a five of anything to get it off. Give him two wounds and it'll adjust his purpose to give him Fast and Terrifying 13. Use his first action to walk in front of Seamus and within 3". Now use his two remaining actions to perform a Mounted Strike on Seamus.

A mounted strike is a 10" push with a scythe strike at any point along the way. As you're in melee range of Seamus, strike him immediately then push 10" towards the treasure (its a push, not a push direct). Seamus is Hard to Wound 2 but the Mounted Strike is a positive flip. Seamus needs to loose the dual but cheat down the damage to only do 3 wounds.

After the dual push the dead rider 10", which should put him just beyond the treasure and use his automatic trigger (Drag Along) to place Seamus within base contact of the dead rider and the treasure.

You now have Seamus on the treasure counter with 3 aps. Activate him next and pick it up and walk, or double walk backwards, depending on if this is the shared or individual version of the strategy.

Use his 0 action to either activate trail of fear, resulting in anything coming to close to either having -2 wp against their respective terrifying roles OR womaniser to activate a belle or Sybelle within 6". This could be used with Sybelle to launch a belle companion chain to act as a shield wall.

Wrap Up
Both of these suggestions rely on wining the initiative and can come unstuck if you're up against a particularly fast crew (Collodi) but they both have the ability to launch a retaliatory strike if you're beaten to the treasure.

Anyway, that's what I've used that's worked but I'm sure as I expand and become more familiar with my Ressers more options might open up. I'll revisit this article if something new comes to light.

Good luck to those Aspiring Ressers who try these out in their games.

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