Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hobby Update - Kirai and Crew Assembled

The bad weather this weekend has finally given me an opportunity to finish assembling my Kirai crew. I bought the foundation of this crew late last year including the excellent bamboo bases that Malcontent was making and selling back then. It's just taken me almost a year to get the crew to this stage, in fairness, my pile of shame was pretty big back then!
Anyway, here's my crew, now ready to go off to Blue Table Painting. I'm just debating whether to send this lot off or wait until my Nicodem crew is assembled and send it off in one batch early next year. Part of me thinks it'd be good to get it in the post now and take advantage of BTP's kick starter, the other part of me thinks that sending it off now might have issues because it'll mean its being sent back over Xmas. I try to avoid buying or getting anything shipped over the Xmas period as at best it'll be delayed and at worst it'll be lost or damaged.
But anyway here they are:

The crew is made up of Kirai, Avatar Kirai, Lost Love, 5 seisin, 4 Onryo, Datsu-Ba, Ikiyro, Jakume, 2 Gaki and 2 Shikome.
There were a few challenges during assembly, but I'll save that for another article.
I'll also be photoshopping some alternative colour schemes for the Onryo, Seisin and Shikome as there are a few duplicates in this crew and I like to make it very obvious when the crew is fielded, what is what and what's taken what damage.

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