Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October 2012 - Local Gaming Roundup

I've decided to round out October with an update on all things Faux here in WA. Its been a busy month, between finally being able to field a painted crew, my first tournament, getting some games in against book 4 crews and starting my next terrain project.

October started well when I received my beautifully painted crew back from Blue Table Painting. This one activity had been consuming most of September and had meant I'd made little or no progress on anything! Then this big shiny parcel turned up and it all went mad...

I signed up for and played in my first tournament, a 35ss single faction affair which was something of a gaming splurge. Between working a twelve hour day, and then going to club as normal, before heading out on four hours sleep for a day of Malifaux goodness. In hindsight it wasn't a solid, or a cunning plan, which explains some of my performance on the day. Nonetheless I'm delighted with my first tournament experience and I can't wait for more.

Then came my Friday night regular games and plotting. In the run up to the Tourny I'd spent time with Mr Neverborn playing through the scenarios and generally listening as he recited the cheese that seems to permeate every Neverborn list. He did however give me some good guidance for a couple of the strategies and may have inadvertently given away some of his diabolical plans in the process.

We also waited with baited breaths for the arrival of our Gencon packages, which of course meant mine turned up last. In fairness, because I'd ordered both books 1.5 and 4, it was much heavier than most that we received.

Gencon sent Mr Arcanist into a tail spin with the arrival of his Mei Feng boxed set. When he wasn't drilling holes up north, he was battling it out and trying out the combos that Miss Feng brought to the board. It was definitely a learning time for him and his first couple of games were big defeats, but he persevered and now has most of her dirty tricks mastered, certainly the rail golem/gamin combo tore a hole in my Resser lines towards the end of the month and I was left wondering how I'm going to address the crews defensive capabilities next time.

October also gave me a chance to take Seamus into a starter league organised by our local henchman. I suffered two crushing defeats at the hands of Mr Neverborn, (this me time fielding Zoraida) and Mr Henchman who brought the Hoff brick to the tabletop. I like to think I gave our henchman a bit of a run for his money, but ultimately looking back, he didn't use his soul stones for anything other than initiative flips, so maybe he was taking it easy on me. I'm still trying to organise my last game in the starter league, this time vs Sonia, so I'm not hopeful of a win there either.

October was also my first foray into Kickstarter projects when I chose to back 'impudent mortals' MDF puzzle terrain project. I saw a couple of his buildings as fitting in quite nicely for my planned Arcanist board and thankfully Mr Fantasy thought the same, so we're going halves on a 12 building deal, which will easily give me enough to build my rail/industry board.

I added Alt Nico, Mindless zombies, a vulture and some necro punks to my pile of shame this month, as well as some badlands terrain from gale force 9. To try and balance the scales I've almost finished assembling my Kirai crew and have made a dent by promoting two of four boxes of GF9 crystals from my pile to my paint station.

Lastly came my second terrain project for Malifaux. I'd already created a Resser board that sees regular usage at my local club. Now it was time to expand on my original plan by building a board for each of the factions. Next up is a Neverborn themed board, specifically crystal canyons, my homage to a trip through badlands national park many years ago. It's been good to pickup the paint brush again and you can read more on how that project turned out, or how things went in any of the other subjects I've mentioned by flicking through October 2012 in the index of doom.

Onwards to November!

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