Monday, 29 October 2012

Tournament Report - Skulls 2012

Skulls 2012 is one of the few tournaments in our local calendar and this year I decided to take the plunge and take part in my first tournament. Hosted by our local henchman and one of local clubs here, this was a 35ss domination format event where only the faction was fixed.

All encounters would use shared strategies that included reconnoiter, treasure hunt, claim jump and destroy the evidence and we were only allowed to use shared schemes once throughout the tournament.

I started preparing for this almost four months ago and yet on the day, very little of that preparation actually paid off. My preparations included:

- Getting my crew assembled and sent off for commission painting
- Printing and assembling counters and gaming aids
- Re-reading the core rules
- Theory hammering every strategy
- Lots of practice games
- Acquiring a display board
- Working out the optimum schemes for each strategy
- Working on my timings and getting faster at my game

And despite all that, there's two pieces of preparation I consciously skipped and were by far my greatest downfall. Firstly I should have spent some time familiarising myself with other crews, when I faced Pandora for the first time I should have known what she was capable of, and I should have been able to have spot Snowstorm, Niño and Papa Loco had the threat potential to change my game. Secondly I should have got more sleep, an unfortunate side effect of having two young dogs and having to attend my gaming club the night before.

Nonetheless I took best in faction - largely because there were no other Resser players.

I also took best sport, probably because I came last, but also because despite it all, I had a massive grin on my face from start to finish, because let's face it a day of Faux should put you in a good mood!

Game 1 vs Jons Pandora crew playing shared claim jump

What should have been the perfect crew to hit whoever got to the centre of the board, was turned back and barely got a shot off against avatar pandora. I only managed to score any points in the last activation of the game, when I charged Seamus into Lilitu, killing her, netting me kill protégée ,and denying Jon a couple of VP's by being close to the claim jump.

Result was 6-2 to Jon.

Game 2 vs Peters Rasputina crew playing shared treasure hunt

I'd theory hammered this one to death and when I got first activation I launched sybelle forward, called a belle and picked up the treasure. I figured I'd last the turn against raspys high damage output and then safely be able to escape to my deployment zone. I hadn't appreciated snowstorm was a spirit and he just popped up pinning my belle and slaughtering sybelle in one foul swoop.

I managed to get grudge off but Peter secured the treasure and had killed sybelle to get kill protégée off.

Another loss for me.

Game 3 vs Daves Perdita crew playing shared reconnoiter

I really wasn't thinking to well during this lineup and I lost my night terrors and Seamus early on despite inflicting a couple of casualties. It became a running game, trying to avoid a Perdita / executioner combo and came down to having to use a couple of canine remains to try to fend off granny Ortega.

I burnt both skulls stones in this game, and they netted me a black joker and a 1 in fairly critical flips!

Another loss for me.

Game 4 vs Daves Perdita crew playing shared destory the evidence

In the best game of the day for me, I pulled a draw against a papa loco and pale rider combo using Seamus, dead rider, night terrors and a dead doxy. Seamus denied Dave the win by popping fresh belles right over his last evidence marker to keep Perdita busy just long enough. My dead rider bought it very early on, but snagged one evidence marker for me. Meanwhile my night terrors were running round like a benny hill chorus line trying to keep out of weapons range, until I turned round and charged and temporarily blinded Santiago. Papa Loco very nearly ended three of my crew when he decided to 'take ya with me', meanwhile my dead doxy powered into Daves deployment zone, chasing the watcher with her derringer drawn.

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