Monday, 15 October 2012

To Avatar or not to Avatar

My hobby time at the moment is divided between preparations for my first tournament, later this month and where should I be focusing after the tourney finishes.

Here in WA there are probably only two or three Malifaux tournaments a year and after this one they'll be a bit of a dry spell before another one comes along.

I've been thinking about which masters I want to add to my already burgeoning supply of Resser minions. At the moment I have Seamus and Molly and I'm about to add Kirai and Nico to my list. After that I think I'll be looking book 4 stuff before I finally go back and add my final master mcmorning. Not sure what is about mcmorning, maybe it's the mini, maybe it's his choice of minions but he'll just have to wait.

I'm also starting to explore the avatars, so far Seamus is the only one I've avatar'ed and it strikes me that there's a time and place to go avatar. I've taken him in two games, the first going avatar didn't really help me and in the second I forgot his triggers for a turn and it cost him his life!

So to avatar or not to avatar that is the question....

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