Monday, 15 October 2012

Laminator fumes, and other water cooler moments

So in my local scene we tend to laminate our cards, I know others buy those little card protectors but for me it's all about the laminator fumes!

I miss those days of thumping open a new box of plastic crack and staring at the sprues, working out my conversion possibilities.

I'm sure Wyrd, with their move to plastics will offer me those days again but for now I contend myself with warming up the laminator and inhaling the fumes as another batch of the undead brigade is put through the ringer, then snipped, cut and filed ready for theory hammering or even a bit of play down at my local club.

The laminator has even become something of a water cooler for the Malifaux addicts at my local club, we circle the machine as it goes about its business in that slow rumble that tells you another sheet of gaming goodness is making its way into the world.

That laminator silently ushers in, with a collective sigh of approval, more minions, more combos and more opportunities for our collective crews.

It's a source of hope and despair and its always in motion, as this pic proves!

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