Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kickstarter Steampunk and Industrial Buildings

My first foray into Kickstarter came when one io the ever increasing number of terrain kick-starters I've seen came up with something different. Not the usual Tudor or mud house that seems to be the cornerstone of fantasy terrain, nor even the skull laddened bonanza that is GW terrain, this time here were some modest Steampunk and industrial designs that seem ideal for an Arcanist board.

Impudent Mortal's Kickstarter had something I wanted and when I looked a little closer I realised it'd be the ideal club terrain, or at the least great mobile terrain. It is solid MDF and best of all he's incorporated a puzzle design so it snaps apart for easy transportation and storage.

I'm looking at the Steampunk, brick and stone buildings and thinking, despite it being 28mm, it'll work well for my planned Arcanist board. Now i just need to track down an appropriate train gauge for the rail line....

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