Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Some Construction Required - Seamus and his Belles

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the challenge that returning to metal brought when I went from my GW to my Malifaux crack habit. Now all of a sudden I was pinning every model and really considering every conversion. Plastic kits had made me lazy and then along came Wyrd's minis and it forced me to up my assembly and conversion game.

Nonetheless, not every mini is equal and some proved particularly challenging. This then is part 1 of my list of Resser minis I think you should take extra care or put extra time aside for when assembling.

1) Seamus & Avatar Seamus

That right the mad psycho himself is first on my list. The original pose Seamus really only has one assembly point, where his bag of tools attaches to his right arm. Be sure to pin this because it'll be a very dry joint otherwise. You'll need extra time because that arm needs to be gently cradled or held in a vice whilst you slowly drill into it. The bag of tools is straightforward to pin and is probably the hole you want to drop your pin into.

Avatar Seamus being part resin and part metal presents slightly different challenges. The resin around his feet, shoulders and backside will need liquid green stuff applied and you may want to consider pinning his metal fist to that resin arm. Take the time to round and dry fit the fist until it sits well and looks natural.

Lastly turn your attention to his metal pocket watch. This should wind around his hip and fall between his legs. Gently bend the chain until you have it fitting well, dry fitting until you're happy with the position, and then glue a good portion of the chain along his hip to avoid it snapping off.

2) Belles

By far the biggest construction point about the belles is where the parasol shaft connects to the canopy. You'll want to gently drill out the canopy connection point so the shaft has a greater contact point. Be sure not to drill to far or you'll have a hole in the top of you canopy.

You should look in particular at this pose and decide upon how to reinforce the connection of the elbow to the torso.

I did this mini twice (can't have enough Belles). The first time I was lazy and just applied a bit of extra glue at the point the shaft went over her shoulder, whilst its quick, it's a weaker join and might ultimately fail. The second time I did this mini I took the time to pin the arm, it wasn't easy and it took a while but it was totally worth it.

So that's it, this first article should get you through the Seamus boxed set, subsequent articles will talk about some of the other little challenges awaiting you as you expand your collection of Resser Masters and Minions.

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