Thursday, 18 October 2012

Night Terror Conversion

Keeping with the theme of my bases, I had to do something about the Night Terrors being mounted on rocks. I toyed with mounting them on lamp posts but I didn't want anything that tall.

The rocks just looked out of place on the cobblestone streets so I embarked on converting one to be perching on a barrel. I cut away the rock and green stuffed the affected talon before pinning it to a barrel. As I was doing this I was struck the fact that they pose looked like the terror was about to take off and so I repositioned it slightly to look like it was launching itself off.

I had the same intention for the other pose but the more I looked at it, the less confident I was, so I reshaped the rock more like a tree stump. Whilst I'm not a overly happy with how this one turned out, in my mind its still easier to explain away the tree stump in the cobbled street than the rocky outcrop!


Original Pose

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