Friday, 26 October 2012

Mighty Minion - The Crooked Man

This is the first in a series of articles that focuses on the relative strengths of some of the Resser minions, the Mighty Minion is my take on the minions that are always going to be on my sideboard at a tournament, because they offer a deeper level of play than their stat card might initially leads you to believe.

So first on my list of Mighty Minions comes the humble Crooked Man, a miner in life and a veritable one man army in the afterlife.

- Respectable blast damage with the "cave in" spell.
- "Shafted" spell can kill outright
- Ranged and close combat options to paralyse an opponent
- Higher than average will power
- Crooked and Evasive abilities are great ranged weapon defences
- Slow to die action

- Movement is a humble 4" per turn, but can be assisted by the Belle lure
- Casting is only 4, meaning you may need to use a few high control cards to succeed in casting attempts

- Rotten Belles for lure can move either the crooked man around for extra movement or your opponent around so the crooked man can get the hit in with cave in or shafted
- Punk Samurai can intercept any charge or just wade in if your crooked man gets swamped in combat and has a very respectable melee damage output
- Carrion Effigy can add blast damage or heal local crooked men if it has a corpse counter
- Bette Noir for some pop up melee damage. Focus your crooked men on a single target close to others in a closely packed opponent, get a few blasts off to kill your target and damage anything close, and then bring Bette in for some paired backstabbing action.

Faction Match Ups
- Rasputina - Against the Cult of December, there's some obvious benefit to having minions that can shrug off blast damage and he can dish it back.
- Hamelin/Collodi - Can't have enough blasts when there are so many rats/dolls to kill.
- Lilith & Zoraida - the crooked man's higher than average will power has saved me on a couple of occasions.

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