Friday, 30 November 2012

Local Malifaux campaign - Rolling Thunder

Awesome news today from our local henchman in the form of a summer campaign or Rolling Thunder as he's called it.

At three rounds, with fixed master at 30ss but all from the same 50ss cache. It's short, sweet and a little tailored towards us newbies. Mr Neverborn has already grumbled because its fixed master and will mean he has to stick with one crew for the duration. I'm not so worried, I debated using Kirai but with Cancon around the corner I think it's safer to stick with what I've got.

There are no restrictions this time on what schemes can be used, so I'm expecting to go up against a lot more faction schemes and without the duplicates restriction, everyone will pick and play to their favourite schemes.

I think my 50ss cache is going to have to focus on what I know:

Seamus, The Mad-Hatter -- 2 Pool
Seamus, Avatar of Dread [2ss]
Grave Spirit [1ss]
Madame Sybelle [6ss]
BĂȘte Noire [9ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Crooked Man [4ss]
Crooked Man [4ss]
Dead Rider [10ss]
Night Terror [3ss]
Night Terror [3ss]
Rotten Belles [4ss]

Summoned models don't count so there was little point bulking out this list with belles or doxies. I really wanted to get drowned into the list and Onryo would have been fun but a 50 soulstone cache is smaller than it sounds.

Round 1 starts in January.

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