Saturday, 1 December 2012

November 2012 - My Malifaux Gaming Roundup

I always planned November to be a bit light for my Malifaux addition. I have my wedding anniversary in November and work has been absolutely crazy this month, nonetheless as I look back on what I wanted to achieve this month and I think I've done fairly well.

It was really important to me not to loose the enthusiasm or momentum built up in the lead up to the tournament, so I set myself a few lofty goals with that in mind.

At the start of the month I set myself the goal of:
- Writing a blog post every three days
- Getting in four games throughout the month
- Get my Kirai crew assembled
- Get my Crystal Canyons board completed
- Finish reading the book 4 fluff

Achievement - Unlocked - blog posts
Yep I managed one on average every three days, I have upto six on the go at any one time, believe it or not, but bringing them to fruition can be delayed by sourcing pics, and finishing them on the busy train!

Achievement - Unlocked - play four games
I'm unlocking despite not really playing four games because I also got in couple of good theory hammer sessions with Mr Neverborn as well and when we go at it, it tends to play out turns at a time, trying to unlock the combos or try out some different tactics. That said I managed three games, as follows:

Game 1 vs Von Schill - Loss
A complete and utter fail for me. I just wasn't aware of some of Von Schill's nasty tricks and my luck was atrocious. Twice I've flipped reconnoiter or treasure hunt vs a slaughter and I can see my opponents rubbing their hands each time. I need to think more carefully and consider how I approach a slaughter orientated opponent or I've got to remember I have the option of re-flipping.

Game 2 vs Mei Feng - Loss
A closer game where my Ressers did a fair bit of killing and resurrecting but some crucial flips cost me the game. I have to identify a way of stopping the card burning tactics crews tend to use against Seamus, and it'd be good if he survived a game!

Game 3 vs Jacob Lynch - ???
I played this one last night and will be posting a batt rep shortly. Up against a new crew in the hands of Mr Neverborn. It was a very tough game but at least Seamus survived (and that's all I'm giving away at this stage)

Achievement - Unlocked - Kirai crew assembled
Kirai and crew came together quite nicely near the start of the month. In fairness I had most of the crew already assembled, a herculean task given the bamboo bases I'd insisted on using. What was left were two Shikome and two Gaki. I thought that Kirai and her avatar in particular had needed some love but the Shikome and Gaki tested my pinning abilities and almost broke me. It put me off assembly work for a few days that's for sure, but then I started reading some tactica articles and before you know it I've gone and bought more Gaki, Night Terrors and have an Insidious Madness on back order.

Achievement - locked - Crystal canyons board completed
Painting those Gale Force 9 crystals was an arduous tasks, I'm not sure what it was but those puppies drank the paint. The project only really turned round when the badlands terrain arrived and I suddenly had enough for two boards. Sadly though, work as a Consultant has had to come first and three weekends of work meant I only got some of my crystals painted. I'll post up some wip pictures next weekend when I get my first weekend off...

Achievement - unlocked - Finish reading the book 4 fluff
I love a good story and I've been meaning to go back and reread all of the fluff but for now I was content to read book 4. I always read the fluff first for some reason. The stories didn't disappoint, the first couple in particular were very dark.

So on the whole not a bad month, and with book 4 giving the Ressers some love in December, and Santa (or more accurately Kickstarter) promising more Malifaux goodness, I think its going to be another good month for achievements and a bad month for my pile of shame...

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