Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wyrd Birthday Sale & Insane Mornings

When the Wyrd newsletter appeared in my inbox this morning, I almost completely missed the contents, something I blame on the absence of coffee in my system. I usually download my mail, and whilst that's coming down the wire I wander off to my local forums. I was browsing what's new in the painting scene when my local henchman posted up about the sale. Yeah, yeah I thought, I'm getting to it, and then went and made myself a coffee.

As the caffeine seeped into my veins and my addled brain worked up to the state of barely functional, I got a text message. Someone was brave, most know to leave me alone that early in the morning.

"Did you order Yan Lo yet?" flashed at me from the screen. This got a confused look from me. That set isn't due to be out for months. Had I gone into hibernation - maybe missed summer in favour of few extra z's from the comfort of my mattress.

Slowly the realisation struck that something was different with the world this morning. I slurped my coffee and let my pre breakfast brain consider the possibilities. Hibernation, an alternate reality and some form of time dilation were considered, as was breakfast, and all the time my hand slowly and meticulously typed out a reply to the over zealous texter.

One word was all I could manage - "What" - I didn't even have the enthusiasm to add the question mark.

"Wyrd Sale - buy it, buy it, buy it now..." was the reply...

Alright let's have a look....

Wyrd is having a birthday sale... lots of oldies but goodies being re-released..... And then like lightening striking there it was... Yan Lo and Lucas McCabe released early.

And that's how I went from thinking I was making a dent on my pile of shame to hurtling into our bedroom, waking the wife (never a good idea) and sending beagles flying in an effort to get to my wallet.

JUST TAKE MY MONEY - just bill me already, now by some miracle of technology beam the order contents into my hands so I can tear open those boxes and ogle my latest plastic crack before it inevitably gets banished to my pile of shame.

My momentary insanity aside, I was left wondering what exactly the "sale" component was, before the more pressing thought that I'd run out of coffee overtook me.

And then the texter did it again....

"Have you seen the new Trek movie trailer yet". And the world moved two steps to the left and the insanity took me once again....

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