Monday, 3 December 2012

More spirits hit my assembly table

I was thinking I'd finish my Kirai crew assembly last month and get straight onto Nico. I've been hanging out to play punk zombies and Mortimer. I think they'll both pack a punch in my Seamus crew that's currently missing, but then I started looking at Kirai tactica and suddenly two more Gaki and 2 more night terrors were being purchased and squirreled in the door, under the misses's nose.

Gaki in particular look like they are going to be very useful in my Kirai crew and so I decided I'd need at least two more. I went looking for four, but I'm pretty sure I can convert up some if push comes to shove. I've had to use the Wyrd Asian garden bases this time round, since I've now used all of the bamboo bases that I bought from
Malcontent (aka Dark Templar) many moons ago. I really should have bought more.

Maybe I got unlucky with the asian bases, but I didn't expect to have to file off a good three millimetres to get the base insets to fit. Hopefully the 40 and 50mm bases will be more accommodating. They certainly have some fantastic details.

The two Gaki needed to be rushed out because I'm sending my entire Kirai crew off for commission painting. This time round I'm using some local talent. Keep an eye on Disco Volante's Facebook page for some updates on how they proceed. I'd did my best with a few bits from a friends vampire counts bits box to convert up these two dupllcates. Ultimately though, and because I'm far from a green stuff master, I just managed to reposition the arms. I either switched out the arms provided, or cut off the shoulders and put on some VC replacements.

The night terrors might languish on my pile of shame for a while but I definitely need these for the GT next year, so I can flock hop objective markers or just blind that elusive sniper.

One things for sure, I'm going to have to get that photoshop session in soon, so many duplicate sculpts...

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