Sunday, 2 December 2012

Malifaux Kickstarters - RPG's and Game Boards

Just when I thought it was safe to venture back on the Internet , I stumble upon a thread in one of my local forums that lists every Kickstarter type project currently on the go.

A willpower duel overtook me, but like a play thing for Zoraida, I was drawn in and before I knew it, more money was leaving my account.

Through the Breach

Wyrd have decided to crowd source funding for their latest offshoot, a Malifaux RPG called 'Through the Breach'

There's no denying that the Malifaux world offers plenty of opportunity for conspiracy and a good RPG. I think the important thing is that Wyrd have taken the important step of divorcing the RPG from the events and characters of the table top game. Therefore you're not going to see Lady J and Seamus bumming around in the same warband, but that's not to say your band of merry adventurers have to be from the same faction, in fact it would make for a spicier campaign if they did have different, hidden and often conflicting agendas.

Whilst I hovered on this for a long time, I ultimately decided not to commit to this one at this stage. I play in a long running Star Trek RPG and I would love to run another Dark Heresy campaign again next year. I'd also like to see how far this expands the Malifaux fluff and what options are available for play before I commit.

Games and Gears

Games and Gears looks to the brain child of a few London gamers trying create a cheaper and more versatile range of GW's battle board. Cast from ruggedised plastic, you are buying 12" square tiles that can be locked together using plastic fasteners. The effect is a modular board that can be bought or expanded from 3x3, 4x4, 4x6 or even 4x8'.

The initial tranch of boards includes cobblestone and desert settings that struck me as perfect for Malifaux. I'm already considering whether to update my crystal canyons board to be based on one of these puppies and I can see my Arcanist rail yard looking very nice on a blend of the cobblestone and field boards.

Three 3x3 boards set me back just over $320 Aussie. But when you consider that one GW board would have cost that much, it seems like a fair deal.

This Kickstarter also advertises itself to the RPG market via some felt lined equivalent boards. Perfect for that Through the Breech encounter, some will be planning with the release of the Malifaux RPG.

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